DIALux Evo a leading lighting design software, that supports 25 languages will offer you a wide range of features and functions. Design, calculation, and simulation of light in indoor and outdoor areas with optical files of Golnoor Company, as a partner of DIALux Company, helps to design and select the appropriate light for projects.

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Masoud Mehrshad

Official instructor of DIAL company

Executive Vice President of Golnoor Factory

  • Teaching experience in specialized courses and seminars in the field of light and lighting principles in cooperation with the construction engineering organization.
  • Instructor of LED lights design course at Amir Kabir University.
  • Member of Compilation Committee of the General Regulation and lights testing (INSO 5920).
  • Street light reflector designer according to the requirements of the Energy Efficiency Organization for the first time in Iran.
  • Design and manufacture of goniophotometer in Golnoor Company’s laboratory.