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  • Setareh-XL is an LED luminaire that has been produced and specially designed for highway and roads. The use of integrated poly carbonate high-tech lenses in the optical part of this luminaire has led to a decrease in glare and an increase in luminaire efficiency. Being one of the lighting industry’s achievements, this LED has laid the spectacular and unique groundwork in industry. The modified system of temperature control consists of thermal blades which dissipate the heat in the compartment and this, as a result, can increase the LED lifespan. Compared to common luminaires with HID lamps, it can affect energy conservation by up to 70% and also a significant reduction in cost and maintenance. Waterproofing on the top and strong resistance to corrosion Setareh is an outstanding product among street lights.

    – Attractive design along with advanced temperature control
    – Uniform and glare-free light distribution
    – Increased light efficiency and lifespan along with reduced energy costs
    – A standard power supply capable of precise flow control, high power factor and low harmonic distortion
    – Constant power consumption and light output in a wide range of supply voltage (VAC 180-265)
    – Power supply with protection against over voltage and voltage transients
    – Operative in a wide range of ambient temperatures and climates
    – High ingress protection and good resistance to corrosion and mechanical stress
    – Equipped with impact resistant diffuser
    – No ultraviolet and infrared radiation
    – Producible with various color temperatures
    – Producible in both AC & DC systems for solar powered applications
    – High level of Ingress Protection (IP)
    – Adjustable bracket holder for -15° to +15° angles