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  • Superimposed ignitor produces the high voltage pulses totally within the Ignitor and isolates the ballast from the high voltage. The Pulse voltage is present only on the lead from the Ignitor to the center contact of the lamp. This feature ensures a more reliable system, particularly at the end of lamp life when the ignitor repeatedly tries to restart the lamp, as no damage is done to the insulation of the ballast.  Ara products are certified by VDE testing and certification Institute – Germany, CE certificate from European Committee, EPIL Institute certificate, Iranian National Standard and Approval from Power Ministry.


     – Using for both high-pressure Sodium vapor and Metal Halide lamps

    – Standard phasing of the ignition voltage 60-90oel/240-270oel

    – Ability to operate in a humid and warm environment

    – Minimized power consumption – Maximum resistance against fire and heat

    – Fully encapsulated; Moisture, saline and oil resistant

    – Starting correctly in low input voltage condition

    – Normal operation in the coldest climates

    Electrical Characteristics Supply voltage & frequency: 220-240V, 50-60Hz