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  • Yaghoot garden light with LED light source and a very attractive eye-catching night view has been designed for lighting parks, green fields, open areas, sidewalks, etc.
    Yaghoot`s Light distribution is fully compatible with standards of garden lighting; and creates a symmetrical uniform glory around its installation place. Beauty of this garden Light, the splendid illumination and the high quality LED light source that is used in Yaghoot, not only creates a pleasant atmosphere for pedestrians and green fields users, but also provides the best conditions for plants and no light pollution in the environment.
    Utilizing proper heat dissipation system in this luminaire, reduces temperature of LED to standard temperature ranges; additionally, achieves the maximum lifetime (over 50,000 hours) and maximum light efficiency.
    The switching power supply with a wide supply voltage range (AC 180 to 265v) makes power transmission easier, as well as reducing cable costs directly and this, along with lower energy consumption, economically justifies using this light.


    – Available in both AC & DC systems for solar powered applications

    – Stylish design with advanced heat dissipating system 
    – Uniform light distribution 
    – A very eye-catching and unique view 
    – Standard power supply capable of precise control of flow 
    – Constant power consumption and light output in a wide range of supply voltage (180-265VAC) 
    – Power supply with overvoltage transient protection 
    – Wide ambient temperature range and possibility to operate in different climates 
    – High ingress protection and good resistance to corrosion and mechanical stress 
    – No ultraviolet and infrared radiation