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  • Street light, the best option for the range of medium wattages. KEIHAN design was based and retrieved from KEIHAN luminaire with some little changes to utilize this fixture in the range of 150-250 Watt. Great light distribution, lightness, modular control gear, fast-easy lamp replacing and sideward opening door are outstanding characteristics of KEIHAN.

    KEIHAN is ranked as a high-level IP luminaire because of its complete ingress protection in the optical part. Furthermore, the IP rate was improved to IP65 for the electrical part to meet its customer requirements. Tool-free lamp replacing, modular control gear and sideward opening doors help to have more safety in case of maintenance. KEIHAN creates the best light distribution for special places via changing lamp position in the reflector. KEIHAN can be installed on 48 and 60 mm Dia. brackets.

    – Sideward opening door helps to have more safety in case of maintenance
    – Modular control gear for easy maintenance
    – The possibility of different lamp positions to achieve the best light distribution
    – The possibility to use curved toughened glass
    – Transparent toughened glass for less light pollution and higher maintenance factor