light source



  • The street light Setareh S has a power range of 60-100 watts and, due to its optimal design, compliance with international lighting standards, and the use of the best equipment and parts, it has become the best choice for lighting motorized traffic areas. This light is distinguished by using an independent driver, an LED package with very high light output, and a die-cast aluminum body.


    • – Attractive design along with advanced temperature control
    • – The electrical part is separate from the optics, which is accessible through the door behind the light
    • – Uniform and glare-free light distribution
    • – Increased light efficiency and lifespan along with reduced energy costs
    • – A standard power supply capable of precise flow control, high power factor and low harmonic distortion
    • – Constant power consumption and light output in a wide range of supply voltage (VAC 180-265)
    • – Power supply with protection against overvoltage and voltage transients
    • – Operative in a wide range of ambient temperatures and climates
    • – High ingress protection and good resistance to corrosion and mechanical stress
    • – Equipped with impact resistant diffuser
    • – No ultraviolet and infrared radiation
    • – High level of Ingress Protection (IP66)
    • – Adjustable bracket holder for -15° to +15° angles