light source



  • Atlantis (1- LED) light is able to use in the dusty and wet environments and it has high durability against corrosion phenomena. Atlantis (1- LED)  is a suitable choice for the replacement of 2×18w and 2×36w and 2×48w fluorescent lights. Using the LED light source makes Atlantis(1- LED)   energy saving light and increasing its light efficiency in comparison with similar lights. Atlantis (1- LED) is an ideal choice for petroleum and gas as well as petrochemical companies. It can also be used in other industries such as food and medicine and is utilized for coastal areas and swimming pools. This luminaire is designed according to the IEC60598-2-1 international standard.


    – Stylish design with advanced heat dissipating system

    – A standard power supply capable of precise flow control, high power factor and low harmonic distortion

    – Constant power consumption and light output in a wide range of supply voltage (180-265VAC)

    – Power supply with overvoltage transient protection

    – No ultraviolet and infrared radiation

    – Equipped with impact resistant window film

    – Producible in various color temperatures