مشخصات الکتریکی STC

345W340W335W330W325W(Maximum Power (Pmax
5+ ~05+ ~05+ ~05+ ~05+ ~0Power Tolerance
17.78%17.52%17.26%17.01%16.75%Module Efficiency
9.01A8.91A8.84A8.74A8.65A(Maximum Power Current (lmp

38.3V38.2V38.0V37.8V37.6V(Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp
9.45A9.37A9.32A9.24A9.16A(Short Circuit Current (Isc

46.7V46.5V46.4V46.2V45.9V(Open Circuit Voltage (Voc

(℃)Values at Standard Test Conditions STC (AM1.5,Irradiance of 1000W/m2, Cell Temperature 25 *

مشخصات الکتریکی NOCT

256W253W247W244W241W(Maximum Power (Pmax
7.27A7.20A7.18A7.10A7.03A(Maximum Power Current (lmp

35.3V35.2V34.6V34.4V34.4V(Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp
7.66A7.61A7.64A7.57A7.50A(Short Circuit Current (Isc

43.8V43.6V43.2V43.0V42.9V(Open Circuit Voltage (Voc

Values at normal Operating Cell Temperature, Irradiance of 800W/m2,Ambient Temperature 20 (℃), Wind Speed 1m/s *

مشخصات مکانیکی

Virtus II(Polycrystalline)157x157(±1)mm,72 (6x12) pcs in series

Cell Type
High Transmission,Low Iron,Tempered Glass Glass
Anodized Aluminum Alloy Frame
IP68 Rated,With Bypass DiodesJunction Box
1956x992x40 mm*Dimension
(4mm2(EU)/12 AWG(USOutput Cable
See Drawing AboveInstallation Hole Location

ویژگی ها

(℃)/0.30%-Temperature Coefficient of Voc
(℃)/0.04%-Temperature Coefficient of Isc
(℃)/0.40%-Temperature Coefficient of Pmax
(℃)±2(℃)45Nominal Operating Cell Temperature(NOCT)

اطلاعات بسته بندی

40HQ 40GP 20GP Container
242410Pallets per Container
708648270Pieces per Container

Maximum Ratings

(℃) 85+ ~ (℃) 40- Operating Temperature
1000VDCMaximum System Voltage
20AMaximum Series Fuse Rating