khorshid, LED Surface Mount Ceiling Light

 Electrical Characteristics

Parameter36W (60x60)54W (60x60)
Nominal input voltage and frequency (V-AC/Hz)230/50230/50
Input voltage and frequency range (V-AC/Hz)180~265/50~60180~265/50~60
Nominal input power (W)3654
Nominal input current (A@V)0.165@2300.25@230
Power factor0.950.95
LED module operating voltage (V-DC)3333
Power consumption of a single LED (W)0.20.2
Total harmonic distortion (THD)<15%<15%
LED module typeNon IntegratedNon Integrated
Class of protection against electric shock (230V)II

Optical Characteristics

Parameter36W (60x60)54W (60x60)
Number of LEDs (pcs)198264
luminous Flux (Lm)45006480
system luminous efficiency (Lm/W)125120
Color temperature (°K)*65006500
Color rendering index8585
SDCM (initial and working value)5SDCM5SDCM
Photometric Code865/559865/559
Lumen maintenance code99

*Available in 36W,54W Color is also available  4500(°K)

Mechanical Characteristics

Parameter36W (60x60)54W (60x60)
Body material Aluminum Aluminum
Dimension (mm)L595×W595×H11L595×W595×H11
Diffuser Material (PC)PSPS
Coating of bodyElectrostatic powder paintingElectrostatic powder painting
Weight (Kg) 2.12.6
Installation typeLED Surface Mount Ceiling Light LED Surface Mount Ceiling Light

General Characteristics

Rated ambient temperature (tq) related to performance for the luminaire (°C) 25
Working temperature range (°C) -20 ~ +45
Maximum allowed humidity (%) 90
Rated median useful life (L_70 B_50) (hrs)35000
Rated abrupt failure value (%) 10

Nominal Power36W54W
Product Code320036320054


Technical Data for Emergency Type

Emergency type Maintained
Emergency power (W) 4
Emergency luminous Flux (Lm) 500
Emergency charge time (hrs) 24
Emergency discharge time (hrs) 3
Battery 4.8V-Nicd-4Ah
Working temperature range (°C) -5 ~ +50
Weight 36W (60x60) (Kg) 2.6
Weight (Kg) 54W (60x60)3.1


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