About GLG

 GLG (Golnoor Lighting Group) started its activities in 1993 in Esfahan, Iran with the establishment of Golnoor Co. It activates as one of the leading manufacturers of lighting fixtures in Iran. GLG has developed efficient organization to 4 companies for its wide range of activities. Golnoor Co. was established in 1993 in Esfahan, Iran. Golnoor products meet vast majority of lighting requirements in the field of outdoor lightings such as:
- Street Lighting
- LED Street Lighting
- Garden Lightings
- Road Lighting
- Industrial lighting

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- ISO9001:2008 Certificate from RWTUV
- Dial Certificate for Photometric Tests
- IP Certificate from IMQ, Italy
- CE Certificate from VDE, Germany
- VDE Certificate from VDE Institute, Germany
- National Standard of Iran
- R&D Certificate from Ministry of Industries & Mine

- Selected in the Top 100 Brands Festival of Esfahan
- Tablets and Award from the 6th National Products Festival in 2009
- Top Exporter for Several Years
- Top Industrial Unit in 2006, 2009
- Golden tablet of Sheikh Bahaei Entrepreneurship Festival
- Top unit of Research and Development
- Observance of Consumers' Rights Award

Golnoor Production vast capacity supports both national and international markets.

Tenders and Local Market:
Regarding all declared tenders in Iran, Golnoor Lighting Group could attain most of tenders among competitors.
In addition major volume of lighting local market in Iran belongs to Golnoor Lighting Group.

International Market:
We developed our market to 26 countries as: Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Emirate, England, Ethiopia, France,Georgia, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy, Lebanon, Malaysia, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Yemen. Our company is also considered as a supplier of parts and components of some European countries.

We thank you for the time taken to review the Introduction of our company.

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