LED Tube is a product in order to increase efficiency of the lighting systems implemented with fluorescent lamps. When replacing led tube with fluorescent lamp, the efficiency will be increased more than two times; and system life time will be increased three times as compared to the previous mode.
Due to LED tube replacing simplicity, this product is a fast, cheap and instant revenue comeback solution to retrofit residential, public, administrative and trade lighting systems.
Soha is a long life, high efficiency Led; and with its SMD LED-based technology grants a uniform and healthy light in comparison with fluorescents.
Soha, doesn’t need any ballast, starter and capacitor; and works directly with AC.

- High efficiency & low energy consumption
- Very high life time thanks to standard electronic and thermal design
- Low thermal resistance material used to create the best thermal conditions in the product
- Using standard constant current LED driver match with functional and optimum safety parameters
- Excellent performance in indoor lighting thanks to uniform light distribution
- Using transparent PMMA with a high, light passing coefficient
- Replaceable with fluorescent lamps
- No UV & IR
- No mercury in structure, a better choice for the environmen

Electrical Characteristics

Nominal input voltage & frequency (V-AC/Hz)230/50230/50
Input voltage range (V-AC/Hz)180~265/50~60180~265/50~60
System input power (w)918
Nominal input current (A)0.04@2300.08@230
LED module nominal power (W)9.619.2
LED module operating voltage (V-DC) 3672
Power consumption of a single LED (W)0.20.2
LED module typeWith separate ballastWith separate ballast
LED module structure IntegratedIntegrated

Optical Characteristics
Nominal luminous Flux (Lm)9001800
Nominal system luminous efficiency (Lm/W)100100
Number of LEDs (pcs)4896
Nominal color temperature (initial and maintained value) (°K) 45004500
Color rendering index (initial and maintained value)8686
Photometric Code845/559845/559
Chromaticity coordinates (Initial and maintained value)5SDCM5SDCM
Tolerance of chromaticity coordinates (Initial and maintained value)X=0.3684,Y=0.3721X=0.3684,Y=0.3721
Lumen maintenance factor at 1000 hours 98%98%
Lumen maintenance group at 6000 hours AA

Mechanical Characteristics
Weight (Kg) 0.1500.285
Diffuser Material (PC)PMMAPMMA

General Characteristics

product code
Nominal Power9W18W
Product Code107009107018

Photometric Data