khorshid, LED Recessed Ceiling Light

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Khorshid LED panel light is a high-grade indoor lighting Designed to fit in a wide range of ceiling types. this family of highly versatile panel lights can fulfill the majority of project requirements in most applications.
Thanks to the high transmittance light guide plate, khorshid creates well-distributed which looks soft,bright, and comfortable, and is also favorable for the user’s eyesight.
This LED panel light with high brightness SMD LED as light source, is ideal solution in offices, hotel, hospitals, office buildings or the other collective spaces where a high level visual comfort is needed.

- Accurate thermal design to achieve maximum luminous efficiency and lifetime and minimum luminous flux depreciation.
- Higher than 80% color rendering index.
- Designed to fit in a wide range of ceiling types in recessed , surface mounted and suspended applications.
- provide a quite uniform light distribution and high light transmittance without any glare thanks to high quality light guide.
- applicable for various public places such as office buildings, airports, factories and anywhere you need glare-free , soft and eye-friendly light.

LED panel lights are products with unique characteristics and are perfect options for internal lighting (Home, office, commercial buildings). Thickness of this delicate light (11mm) is incomparable with other lighting products.
Khorshid LED panel is made with SMD LED technology, based on LED plates; and has a uniform, soft and smooth light without any dazing.
Khorshid is producible in diversity of forms and shapes and installable easily as surface and recess.
High lumen efficiency and very high lifetime are other advantages of Kohrshid panel light.

Electrical Characteristics

Parameter18W (30x30) 36W (30x60)36W (60x60)54W (60x60)54W (30x120)
Nominal input voltage and frequency (V-AC/Hz)230/50230/50230/50230/50230/50
Input voltage and frequency range (V-AC/Hz)180~265/50~60180~265/50~60180~265/50~60180~265/50~60180~265/50~60
Nominal input power (W)1836365454
Nominal input current (A@V)0.085@2300.165@2300.165@2300.25@2300.25@230
Power factor0.50.950.950.950.95
LED module operating voltage (V-DC)5433333336
Nominal power of single led (W)
Total harmonic distortion (THD)<15%<15%<15%<15%<15%
LED module typeNon IntegratedNon IntegratedNon IntegratedNon IntegratedNon Integrated
Class of protection against electric shock (230V)IIIII


Optical Characteristics


Parameter18W (30x30)36W (30x60)36W (60x60)54W (60x60)54W(30x120)
Number of LEDs (pcs)96198198264288
luminous Flux (Lm)18003960450064805940
system luminous efficiency (Lm/W)100110125120110
Color temperature (°K)*65006500650065006500
Color rendering index 8585858585
SDCM (initial and working value)5SDCM5SDCM5SDCM5SDCM5SDCM
Photometric Code865/559865/559865/559865/559865/559
Lumen maintenance code99999

 *Available in 36w,54w and Color is also available in  4500oK    


Mechanical Characteristics


Parameter18W (30x30)36W (30x60)36W (60x60)54W (60x60)54W (30x120)
Dimension (mm)L295×W295×H11L295×W595×H11L595×W595×H11L595×W595×H11L295×W1195×H11
Lens materialPSPSPSPSPS
Weight (Kg)
Body material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Coating of body Electrostatic powder painting Electrostatic powder painting Electrostatic powder painting Electrostatic powder painting Electrostatic powder painting
Installation typeLED Recessed Ceiling LightLED Recessed Ceiling LightLED Recessed Ceiling LightLED Recessed Ceiling LightLED Recessed Ceiling Light


General Characteristics  

Rated ambient temperature (tq) related to performance for the luminaire (°C) 25
Working temperature range (°C) -20 ~ +45
Maximum allowed humidity (%) 90
Rated median useful life (L_70 B_50) (hrs) 35000
Rated abrupt failure value (%) 10

Nominal Power18W36W54W
Product Code320018320036320054


 Technical Data for Emergency Type


Emergency type Maintained
Emergency power (W) 4
Emergency luminous Flux (Lm) 500
Emergency charge time (hrs) 24
Emergency discharge time (hrs) 3
Battery 4.8V-Nicd-4Ah
Working temperature range (°C) -5 ~ +50
Weight (Kg) 18W (30x30) 1.2
Weight (Kg) 36W (30x60)1.8
Weight 36W (60x60) (Kg) 2.6
Weight (Kg) 54W (60x60)3.1
Weight (Kg) 54W (30x120) 3.8




Photometric Data

36W-SMD-LEDPanel-60x60              54W-SMD-LEDPanel-60x60                                  36W-SMD-LEDPanel-30x60




IES LM-80 Measuring Luminous Flux & Color Maintenance of LED Packages, Arrays & Modules


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