Gamma COB, LED Recessed Ceiling Light


Gama is one of the best choice for illumination and decorative lighting which can be replaced with a wide range of ceiling light or cylinder lights based on CFL and HID lamp technology due to the difference size and wattage of this luminaire. Gama led ceiling-light with an adjustable optic part allow to control the direction of the beam angle and high light objects or exhibition details without wasting light. It also offers instant energy savings and a much longer lifetime that make this light a real value-for-money and environmentally friendly solution


 - Replaceable traditional ceiling lightings directly

 - Very low energy consumption thanks to much higher efficiency

 - adjustable optic part to control the direction of the beam angle

 - Extremely long life thanks to standard electrical and thermal design

- Low thermal resistance material due to optimum thermal management

- Standard constant current LED driver with steady performance and safety protection

- Excellent light distributions provide best performance in decorative lighting and illumination    

Electrical Characteristics

Nominal input voltage and frequency (V-AC/Hz)230/50230/50230/50230/50
Input voltage and frequency range (V-AC/Hz)180~265/50~60180~265/50~60180~265/50~60180~265/50~60
Nominal input power (W)791623
Nominal input current (A@V)0.055@2300.07@2300.125@2300.180@230
Power factor0.
Nominal power of single led (W)571520
LED module operating voltage (V-DC)22275275
LED module typeNon IntegratedNon IntegratedNon IntegratedNon Integrated

Optical Characteristics

Number of LEDs (pcs)1111
Luminous Flux (Lm)63081016002530
System luminous efficiency (Lm/W)9090100110
Color temperature (°K) *3000300030003000
Color rendering index80808080
SDCM (initial and working value)5SDCM5SDCM5SDCM5SDCM
Photometric Code830/339830/339830/339830/339
Lumen maintenance code 9999
Light distribution angle (degrees)90909090

*Color also available in 6500°k

 Mechanical Characteristics

CUT-OUT (mm)5570115135
Coating of body Electrostatic powder paintingElectrostatic powder paintingElectrostatic powder paintingElectrostatic powder painting
Weight (Kg)

General Characteristics

Rated ambient temperature (tq) related to performance for the luminaire (°C) 25
Working temperature range (°C) -20 ~ +45
Maximum allowed humiding (%) 90
Rated median useful life (L_70 B_50) (hrs) 35000
Rated abrupt failure value (%) 10

Nominal Power7W9W16W23W
Product Code316007316009316016316023


Photometric Data 


IES LM-80 Measuring Luminous Flux & Color Maintenance of LED Packages, Arrays & Modules

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