Foreign Trade Department of Golnoor Co.

Foreign Trade Department of Golnoor Co. was run in 2001 and thereafter has been exporting its products to 26 countries using offices and branches in Hong Kong, Emirates and Georgia and having the benefit of efficient management, strong ties overseas with international partners and prominent businessmen. Golnoor was selected as the prominent exporter of Esfahan province in 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, and as Iran’s outstanding exporter in 2012.

Along with the improvements in Golnoor's export performance and regarding the high quality of the imported goods, the foreign trade department turned to one of the key departments of this company.

The company's supply chain is one of the major departments of Golnoor Company which directly affects the sale and supply of products and it encompasses all the activities from the time of ordering goods. Among supply chain duties, items such as financial payments, following up production, shipping from suppliers, technical inspections, going through customs, customs clearance and shipping goods to warehouses can be mentioned. Timely supply of goods ends in better sales and better sales increase the market share. Golnoor Foreign Trade Dept. is proud of its well-functioning supply chain to expand its product market share.

Today, this department manages all the foreign communications of Golnoor Co. among which the following items can be mentioned:

- Export management of Golnoor Co. and international marketing

- Import management of the required raw materials

- Foreign Purchases

- Overseas shipping

- Management of foreign exchange systems

- Customs and custom clearance and delivery at the factory

- Participation in international electronic lighting exhibitions

- Management of all the trips abroad

- Handling international inspections of purchased goods through inspection companies and experts

To improve overseas activities, Golnoor Co. has been participating in several various exhibitions in recent years, among which the following ones can be mentioned:

- Moscow 2016

- Iraq 2016

- Frankfurt, Germany 2016

- Guangzhou China 2015

- Electricity & Energy exhibition in Iraq-Erbil – 2012

- Water and Electricity exhibition in Iraq-Basra – 2012

- Middle East Electricity exhibition in Dubai (UAE) – 2012

- Electricity & Energy exhibition in Iraq-Erbil – 2011

- Middle East Electricity exhibition in Dubai (UAE) – 2011

- Iran exhibition in Ashgabat-Turkmenistan – 2010

- Middle East Electricity exhibition in Dubai (UAE) – 2010

- Iran Exposition in Baghdad-Iraq – 2008

- The 2nd Islamic Republic of Iran’s exhibition in Ashgabat-Turkmenistan – 2007

- Iraq Reconstruction Exhibition in Kurdistan-Iraq – 2006

- Iraq Reconstruction Exhibition in Kermanshah – 2006

- Middle East Electricity exhibition in Dubai (UAE) – 2005

- Iran exhibition in Afghanistan – 2005

- Light & Electricity Exhibition in Warsaw-Poland – 2004

- Iran Exhibition in Karachi-Pakistan – 2004

- Light & Building Exhibition in Frankfurt-Germany – 2004

- Iran Exhibition in Algeria – 2003

- Iraq Reconstruction Exhibition in Amman-Jordan

- Iran Exhibition in Istanbul-Turkey – 2003

- Iran Permanent Exhibition in Senegal

- The 71st International Fair in Izmir-Turkey – 2002

- Iran Exposition in Saudi Arabia

- Iran Exhibition in Lebanon – 2002

- Iran Exhibition in Libya – 2000

- The 25th International Fair in Cyprus – 2000

These exhibitions and the efforts made in this regard have led to exporting Golnoor products to over 26 countries. These countries include Germany, Ethiopia, Armenia, Afghanistan, Algeria, UAE, Indonesia, England, Italy, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Singapore, Syria, Chile, China, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, France, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Georgia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Yemen, and Greece.