Foreign Trade department of Golnoor Co. began to run since 2001 and thereafter with establishing offices and branches in Hong Kong, Emirates and Georgia and with taking advantage of efficient management, strong ties overseas with International partners and prominent businessmen is able to export its products to 26 countries and was selected as the prominent exporter of Esfahan province of the years 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012 and Iran’s outstanding exporter of the year 2012.

Along with improvement of export performance of Golnoor Co. and regarding high quality of imported goods, the foreign trade department turned to one of the key departments of this company.

The company’s supply chain is one of the major departments of Golnoor company which directly affects products sale and supply. Supply chain includes all the activities from the time of ordering goods. The items such as financial payments, following up production, shipping from supplier factories, technical inspections, entering into customs, custom clearance and shipping goods to warehouse is among supply chain duties. Timely supply of goods ends in better sales and better sales increases market share. Golnoor Foreign Trade Dept. is proud of its well-functioning supply chain to expand product market share.

Now, this department manages all the foreign communications of Golnoor Co. among which the following items can be mentioned:

· Export management of Golnoor Co. and international markets

· Import management of the required raw material

· Foreign purchase

· International inspections of purchased goods by inspection companies and group experts

· overseas transportation

· Management of foreign exchange systems

· Customs and custom clearance to the entrance to the factory

· Participation in international electronic lighting exhibitions

· Management of all the abroad trips

Along with improvement of abroad activities, Golnoor Co. has been participating in several various exhibitions in recent years, among which the following ones can be mentioned:

· Electricity & Energy exhibition in Iraq-Erbil – 2012

· Water and Electricity exhibition in Iraq-Basra – 2012

· Middle East Electricity exhibition in Dubai (UAE) – 2012

· Electricity & Energy exhibition in Iraq-Erbil – 2011

· Middle East Electricity exhibition in Dubai (UAE) – 2011

· Islamic Republic of Iran’s exhibition in Ashgabat-Turkmenistan – 2010

· Middle East Electricity exhibition in Dubai (UAE) – 2011

· Iran Expo in Baghdad-Iraq – 2008

· The 2nd Islamic Republic of Iran’s exhibition in Ashgabat-Turkmenistan – 2007

· Iraq Reconstruction in Kurdistan-Iraq – 2006

· Iraq Reconstruction in Kermanshah – 2006

· Middle East Electricity exhibition in Dubai (UAE) – 2005

· Islamic Republic of Iran’s exhibition in Afghanistan – 2005

· Light & Electricity in Warsaw-Poland – 2004

· Islamic Republic of Iran’s exhibition in Karachi-Pakistan – 2004

· Light & Building Exhibition in Frankfurt-Germany – 2004

· Islamic Republic of Iran’s exhibition in Algeria – 2003

· Iraq Reconstruction in Amman-Jordan

· Islamic Republic of Iran’s exhibition in Istanbul-Turkey – 2003

· Permanent Iran Exhibition in Senegal

· The 71th International Fair in Izmir-Turkey – 2002

· Iran Expo in Saudi Arabia

· Islamic Republic of Iran’s exhibition in Lebanon – 2002

· Islamic Republic of Iran’s exhibition in Libya – 2000

· The 25th International Fair in Cyprus – 2000

These exhibitions and efforts has led to export Golnoor products to over 26 countries. These countries include Germany, Ethiopia, Armenia, Afghanistan, Algeria, UAE, Indonesia, England, Italy, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Singapore, Syria, Chile, China, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, France, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Georgia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Yemen and Greece.

Associate Laboratory of Standardization Organization and Industrial Researches The laboratories of Golnoor Co. have started to run since 2002 and being approved as the associate laboratory of Iran Standardization Organization and Industrial Researches in 2013.


Now, laboratory activities of Golnoor Co. are being conducted in 2 sites:

- Lighting laboratory of Golnoor Co.

- Lighting laboratory and accessories of Norkar Electric Co.


This laboratory complex began to run with the following objectives:

- Improving the quality of Golnoor Co. products

- Implementing the related standard tests of Golnoor Co. products

- Helping other companies to implement the related standard tests through the country

- Helping other companies for standardization and improvement of lighting products

- Since Golnoor Co. is obliged to follow the standard requirements in its products, the management team decided to establish these laboratories and in this regard, the laboratories were adapted to Iran’s ISO IAC 17025 (2007) in 2013 and could obtain technical competence certificate from Iran’s inspection system based on the aforesaid standard.

- The services which are implemented by the laboratories of this company include doing all the safety and performance tests related to lighting and their accessories specially LED lighting systems and providing technical services to design and manufacture lighting systems and professional lighting.

Golnoor Research and Development department has started its activities since 2000 and has been chosen as Iran’s selective department in 2004 and 2005 and could officially obtain research and development license in 2006.

Taking advantage of experienced and expert engineers and using relative specialized software and since its inception, this department could achieve remarkable success which variety and quality of the products is a good indication of. The laboratory which is working as an independent department used to be a part of R & D department and was separated in the late 2012. The overall objectives of Golnoor R & D department are as following:

 1- Designing new products based on the market needs and the relevant standards

 2- Expanding the range of Golnoor products

3- Expanding the scope of new lighting technologies (LEDs)

4- Designing and manufacturing electrical and electronic equipment relevant to lighting systems

5- Ever-increasing check and Improvement of the existing products due to market feedback

 6- Implementing fundamental researches in lighting field and using it in the products

7- Helping to improve lighting status in the country and reduce energy consumption

8- Increasing lighting quality and products output

 9- Improving renewable energy resources use

10- Helping to beautify urban furniture through designing decorative poles according to different urban spaces Golnoor research and development team includes several different parts which are indicated in the following:

 1 – mechanical site: Taking advantage of specialized personnel and using CAD and CAE software, this department designs mechanical parts of lighting products. Simulation workshop is one of the subcategories of this department which prototypes the designed products of mechanical department by using the latest available technologies.

2 – electronic site: This department consists of electronic, electro-optics, power electronics and energy management parts and designs the whole systems and lighting equipment based on the latest standards.

 3 – optics site: Utilizing optical design software, this department is working on improving the luminaire output quality of products and designing reflectors, lenses and new optical collections. The lighting laboratory of Golnoor Co. is a subordinate of this department which has made a noteworthy help on improving the quality of light output of the products since 2002.

 4 – basic design site:

5 – renewable energy resources site: Golnoor Solar Dept. has been established aiming design, supply and implementation of photovoltaic systems and other related projects of Golnoor Lighting Group.


Now, Golnoor solar Dept. conducts the following three major activities:

1 – Golnoor Solar R & D

 2 – photovoltaic equipment laboratory

3 – photovoltaic equipment sales engineering